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National farm view biscuit

Combine our high-speed food printer, desktop food printers, etc., to help you talk about Chinese stories. The Forbidden City ice cream is fire, and other attractions have followed the ice cream, the image of the image of Xi'an City. The ice cream of the armor image is endless. The in the Forbidden City is first-class, its story is rich, and the products jointly sold by the Forbidden City are hot. This makes us see some new business opportunities and some new business models.

If there is no important advantage in the Palace, how do other attractions do product and literary? Driving economic consumption is a problem that the scenic manager and merchants need to consider, only the tickets are not enough, the shopping malls of the scenic spot, how to do the store is also a key point to attract tourists.

Using food printers, do story creativity on food, talking about the characteristics of the scenic spot, such as the biscuits in the theme of the Yellow Crane, bring a pack, and the economic benefits will go. The Great Wall Biscuits, West Lake Biscuits, etc.


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