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Elevating Your Baking Business with an Edible Printer Machine

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Looking for a cost-effecient model to move its print-head onto your food production line directly? Just need to print monochrome edible graphics or logos in bulk to decorate food without extra colors? This is the best edible ink printer that meets your need, printing on everything from cakes and cookies to ice cream and pastries.

Although the flatbed edible ink cookie printer is typically favored for the affordability and the relatively low cost of supplies, there are three primary factors to take into account: the size of the bed, the machine's height capabilities, and its production speed, when determining the most suitable edible printing machine for your business.

What's its advantages compared to the flatbed edible inkjet printers?

Compared with the standard paper sizes the flatbed edible ink printer utilize, the FP-511-B wide format edible printer effectively imprint images onto your culinary creations up to 108mm width and unlimited length, needless to say the non-stop printing and maximum printing speed. As for the height capabilities, it’s 3-8mm for FP-511-B edible printer while most flatbed edible ink printer only supports 3mm.


How can it meet large-production need?

The maximum printing speed reaches 75m/min. Our printer's high-resolution printing technology ensures that every detail of your edible creations is reproduced with stunning accuracy. The printing precision can be as high as 600*1200DPI, supporting complex logo or photo, which is perfect for branding the bakery commodities. What’s even better is that it supports 12 pictures switching online and 24/7 working requirements. Furthermore, the ink for printing a 45*45mm image on a cookie is only 0.002g, which means less than one cent ink cost.

From pastries to candies, cookies to ice cream, the FP-511-B wide format edible printer embody creativity. The color of edible ink can be customized, and different shapes of food can be printed for decorations. Streamline your mass production processes with our advanced printer. Effortlessly add that personal touch to your products and stand out in the market.

Rest assured that the FP-511-B food safe printer meets FDA, ISO22000, Kosher and Halal standards, with the food-grade all-steel printer nozzle and ink system. In addition, the liftable printer head comes with nozzle moisturizer position for easy operation and maintaining.

Check how FP-511-B edible printer performs in this video.

Want to check the FP-511-B wide format edible printer onsite? Good news is that you can if you’ve already planned a trip to Germany and attend the IBA2013 expo, you can meet us at the booth C2.430, which is under the name of Humanwell. Learn more in this news article.


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