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  • Daily Maintenance Knowledge of Inkjet Printers
    1. Daily cleaning: after daily production, you need to clean the moisturizing nozzle after the moisturizing tray to avoid clogging the nozzle.2. Weekly inspection: weekly inspection of the shelf life of the machine manufacturer's ink, it is strictly forbidden to use expired ink, and replace contamin
  • Suggestions for Using A4 Flatbed Food Printer
    Situation 1: Normal useUnder normal circumstances, the machine can print once a month without any problems, but it should be noted that the machine must be shut down normally, and the power supply must not be cut off suddenly. Because of the normal shutdown, the print head will return to the ink tan
  • How to Clean and Protect the Ink Channel?
    Food printers need to pay attention to maintenance and maintenance the same as normal printers. When your equipment is not used for a long time, please choose the nozzle and ink channel protection liquid and cleaning liquid provided by our company for equipment maintenance.As we all know, the core c
  • Precautions for Maintenance of High-speed Food Printer
    Precautions for maintenance of High-speed Food Printer:1. The ink tank is recommended to be cleaned once a month and replaced once a year.2. Before cleaning, ensure that the ink in the tank is used up and clean in the empty bottle state.3. Use pure water to clean the ink tank. After cleaning, the in
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