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The clear pattern printed on the food can be eaten directly. Food digital printing is widely used in biscuits, ice cream, candies, cakes and other types of snack. Foodprinttech specializes in creating all kinds of food printing equipment and consumables of different scales to meet the ever-escalating consumption needs of the food industry and consumers, and make your products unique!

Pastry Printing

Edible digital printing of pastry adopts food-specific printers with edible ink to print colorful patterns directly on the surface of food, so that food and printed pictures can be safely eaten together. Its technical advantages are solving the limitation of color and pattern of traditional hand-stamped printing. The printed pictures can not only achieve photo-level printing effect, but also high efficiency in mass production. Edible digital printing technology can completely replace manual, no matter stores or assembly lines can realize mechanization and mass production. The vision that food enterprises  want to carry out their own product innovation or provide customized services for customers become simpler and easier to achieve.

Cookie Printing

The technical difficulties in the field of edible digital printing of cookies are the inability to use synthetic pigments, the need for fast production, and the stacking of biscuits. At present, the key to solve the speed problem is the adoption of Foodart® high-speed food printer. In addition, we solve the printing difficulties in various production environments of customers through a number of technologies such as swatch and sharding, and have accumulated a wealth of biscuit production line printing solutions.

Candies Printing

The homogeneity competition in the confectionery field is very serious, and products with unique and personalized characteristics can stand out in the market. The advantages of food digital printing are: first, from the consumer field, they hope to bring him a personalized, customized, and beautiful experience when purchasing goods; second, if a candy company wants to make a brand new candy category, R&D investment cost is too high. It is a very smart way to decorate traditional delicacy with a new and creative appearance, and it is also more affordable. The expression of various theme elements through candy products will bring huge room for increase in the candy industry.

Chocolate Printing

Edible inks with natural ingredients have become the first choice for food companies at home and abroad. CMYK and other natural components of ink has been successfully developed. For all kinds of chocolate, in addition to the innovation of materials and tastes, brand marketing and appearance upgrading are also an essential part of chocolate enterprises. The application of food digital printing on chocolate can mass produce creative and interesting chocolate. For chocolate suppliers of all sizes, from large factories to small bakery shops, we have edible printing solutions to help customers create creative chocolate and increase sales.
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