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Edible Image Printer E341

Foodart® Edible Image Printer E341 is the food printer which supports CMYK full-color printing, and is equipped with Anti-shaking food conveyor belt, and speedly print edible graphics or logos in bulk to decorate food. The color of edible ink can be customized, and it meets FDA, ISO22000, Kosher and halal certification requirements, and the printed patterns can be eaten directly. The machine body becomes more flexible and smaller, which is easier to move and clean. 

Product Description:
A set of cost-effecient high-speed food printer which support CMYK full-color printing, and equipped with Anti-shaking food conveyor belt. It can massly print edible logos or images on food to impress company brand and promote in holidays or other important celebrations. The food printed with edible ink can be eaten directly. 

1. Easy operation panel, high-definition and stable printing; 
2. The design of Anti-shaking food conveyor belt can greatly reduce missed and repeated printing; 
3. The module integrated design, small size machine, and fewer parts make simple maintenance; 
4. External alarm light can quickly reflect the working state of the food printer;
5. Adopt standard accurate negative pressure control system, which can do continuous long time stable printing; 
6. Print width is 33mm and can be spliced nozzles to widen; 
7. Applied to print all kinds of food with slightly flat surface;

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