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  • Don't Know What Pattern Suits Your Product?
    1. It’s acceptable that you provide the products and pictures, and we will help you print them with our food printer and check the effect. 2. It is recommended to choose patterns that are product-related, brand-related, or story-like topics to help you make samples. 3. Our printer can print various
  • Frequently Asked Questions of High-speed Industrial Food Printers
    High-speed Industrial food printers:(1) Q: What should I do if ink drops occur during production?A: Find the page for adjusting negative pressure according to the manual. Solve the problem by adjusting the negative pressure. If the adjustment reaches the upper limit, you need to contact maintenance
  • How to Apply for Sample Printing?
    If you are interested in food printing, you can contact us in the following ways:Mobile/WhatsAPP: 86-13396099667 QQ: 1024549884Phone: 86-(0)27-87207098 Email: You can leave a message online through the website, after you give us your product and the picture information you want
  • How to Choose the Right Food Printer According to the Product?
    (1) Why choose a Foodart® High-Speed Food Printer?Answer: There are food production lines, automated packaging lines, or companies with huge production volume. It is recommended to choose high-speed food printers, because they are specially developed for high-speed production needs. The maximum line
  • How Do You Know What Edible Inks You Can Use for Your Product?
    Answer: You can check the implementation standard on the outer packaging of your products, as long as the pigment can be used in the standard, can be used for printing.If your implementation standards are not applicable to our edible ink formula raw materials, we can provide you with customized ink
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