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China's most official media highlight the special charm of food printing at the 133rd Canton Fair

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The 133rd Canton Fair, which lasted for 5 days from May 1 to 5, came to a successful end. The foreign trade team of Wuhan Food Printing Technology Co., Ltd. brought food printers, plant printing materials and other products to the exhibition. The field not only got a lot of orders, but also was invited to participate in the live interview of China's most official media Morning News program.


The Morning News of China's most official media is a morning news program of the national TV station, and it is the first program that the majority of the audience watch when they get up early. This Canton Fair is an important window for economic development. The field visit of the Morning News team aims to bring the latest news to the audience. In the food hall, the food printer was listed as the focus of the interview, and our staff showed China's most official media's reporters how to use the equipment.76A6176EDC8E8DBA1E5F12CC714220A7

The exhibit we will exhibit this time is an A4 flatbed food printer developed and upgraded in 2022. It is designed for bakery stores with small size and simple operation. Pictures can be output by computer, and edible plant materials can be printed on the surface of food through the printer system. It can not only improve production efficiency and reduce costs, but also make food more story-telling through the design of picture content.

Food printing technology has been used by many manufacturers to create cultural and creative food, holiday limited food, brand cross-border marketing food, such as Daoxiangcun, Hao Liyou, Sanquan Food, etc., are our cooperative customers, food printing technology plays an important role in the innovation of the food industry.



It is reported that the Canton Fair has a flow of more than 2.837 million person-time is a grand situation ahead of the gathering of global traders from home and abroad, our foreign trade team is an important channel for food printing to get customers around the world, including the United States, Australia, Thailand, Ukraine, India and other countries of customers, they are very recognized food printing technology products.

Canton Fair exhibition work has been successfully concluded, through the China's most official media Morning News broadcast, for us to bring customer consultation but also deepen the brand impression of food printing technology, we will continue to adhere to the concept of "food printing technology healthy life", improve people's quality of life, committed to create a more colorful future for people.

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