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High-speed Industrial Food Printer FP-542-B

Foodart® High-speed Industrial Food Printer FP-542-B is a machine that can be installed on food production line, for batch printing with colorful edible images to decorate food. Maximum printing speed reaches 75m/min.  After several upgrades, the FP-542-B realizes more convenient cleaning, easier operation, more convenient maintenance, and more stable printing performance. Its edible ink meets FDA, ISO22000, Kosher and halal standards. The printed patterns can be eaten directly, which not only guarantees food safety issues, but also makes your products unique and attractive to customers.
1. The machine awarded CQC, CE, and other authoritative machinery safety certifications and got the Design Patent; 
2. Max speed of printing reaches 75m/min; 
3. CMYK full-color printing;
4. Variable data printing supports 12 pictures switching online; 
5. High-efficient and durable: Meet requirements of 24/7 working model; 
6. Printing width is 54mm for regular but can be widened to 108mm, and the length is unlimited; 
7. Integrated design of whole machine, and appearance of waterproof, for easy cleaning; 
8. Liftable printer head comes with nozzle moisturizer position, for easy operation and maintaining; 
9. Food-grade all-steel printer nozzle and ink system, which guarantee the food safety; 
10. Applied to print edible picture decorations on different shapes of cookies, pastries, ice cream, candies, and so on.
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High-speed food printer fp-542


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