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Choose an Edible Printer Machine to Meet Your Need of High-speed and Mass Production

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Which food printer can give the possibility of high volume and high-speed production? The answer is certainly our high-speed industrial food printer FP-511-B, with speeds up to 75 meters per minute, providing your business with high productivity in a short period of time. It is suitable for monochrome printing, however, we offer customization service, so you don't need to worry about the color' s option making you passive. As long as you have requirements, we will customize the colors you need.

                                              FP-511-B           snack print

511The printer is a new model that has been upgraded by our independent research and development, it will be more flexible and smaller, easier to clean and plot. It is able to print on various shapes of food,like cookies, pastries, ice cream, candies, and a kind of Chinese food, steamed bread, etc.

high-speed industrial food printer

Comparative advantages:

  • High print speed

  • Waterproof, easy to clean

  • Food-grade print head

  • customization service

high-speed industrial food printer



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