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Christmas promotion season, in-line discount promotion, are you full? There is a new IDEA here, hurry!

As a food manufacturer, it will not let go of every holiday promotion. The way promotion is a five-flowers. The lowest price of packages, the coupons are superimposed, and the operation is like a tiger. The inner wrapped discount, does not participate in the feeling will lose a few billions, participated in the advertising, the expense of the advertisement, the employee overtime, the result, to increase the income, but the event is not as good as daily sales, this Is it the so-called invalid operation, or an intermedian earned a difference, is an advertiser or consumers?

The so-called promotion, more broadly, is marketing promotion, is not enough for discounts. To bring brand properties, stories, themes, topics, and even combining these belongings to combine with products, doing activities that meet their own business positioning and profitability are the key to harvesting holiday.

Putty toast bread, short shelf life, more competitive manufacturers, do not sell, but are the same toast, are you more than others? Try to print cartoon patterns on the product, use food printers In Christmas printing Santa, elk, greetings, etc., let the Christmas theme to become breakfast, becoming a must-have item, so that the sales of the toast produce is wider.



Christmas toast (1)

Christmas toast (2)

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