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Color Coffee Printer Machine Brings You Perfect Decorative Experience

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Just think about finishing a painting on coffee by a coffee art printer. That is very exciting, isn't it?

Our color coffe printer 3525 will bring you have a fantastic experience which makes you enjoy a ultimate decorative fun. Only 10 seconds needed, you can use it to make a cup of coffee with your favorite patterns, which can be cartoon patterns, characters, brand logo or your selfies. In some memorial occasions, everyone must be happy if there are several cups of coffee with photo patterns. 

coffee printer

Picture 1

coffee printer machine

Picture 2

What’s more, you can transmit the pattern you want to it through your mobile phone or other devices via WiFi, which is simple and easy to operate. You don't even need to download any APP, just scanning the QR code on the printer is enough. Compared with other online printers, is it much more convenient?

Comparative advantages:

  • HD images

  • Best color effect

  • Support selfie photos

  • Automatically adjust print height

  • Rock-solid shell


Not only coffee, this printer can be also applied on other food, like ice cream, beer, milkshake, macaron, cookie, cake and so on. 

macaron printing machine

Picture 4

beer print

Picture 5

milk shake print

Picture 6

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