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Emoticon sugar

The expression package of super-intention, combined with food, invincible, hurry to see the secrets. White fat marshma will automatically invisibility on the shelves, what should I do?

On the common food, such as Taobao, the food on Tmall is often hitting a cute expression package. Consumers are bought by this cute expression, but found that the product itself is not, the big dislike is expected, and even have a change. The production enterprise is not good.

Why don't we put this cute expression package, really printed on the surface of the food, is it because there is no such production technology? We have, our self-developed high-speed food printer, desktop food printer, etc. can be used in cotton candy printing, and one machine is used, you can play other products such as biscuits, pastries, not only the expression, photo patterns, etc. Can be hit, it is entirely a custom machine that can realize what you want to play.

If you are worried that the pattern printed on the product cannot be eaten, it is great, we have more than ten years of edible ink production research and development experience, the national authority is safer, there are many, the equipment also has CQC, CE, etc. Terminal certification, you can avoid the problem of edible safety, ensuring your production compliance, consumer food safety and health.

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