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High-Speed Food Printer for Candy Factory Producing Custom Marshmallow / Tablet Sugar / Milk Tablets

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At present, the market supply of various dessert food such as cotton candy, chocolate, biscuits, cakes in order to attract customers, will adopt a variety of ways to the food itself exquisite pattern decoration, by meeting the needs of customers more and more personalized, in order to increase their competitiveness in the market, "make cotton candy more beautiful" has become the basic demands of the market consumers!

So, how to print a pattern on the marshmallow?

The High-speed Industrial Food Printer FP-642-B developed and produced by Wuhan Food Printing Technology Co., Ltd. is the mainstream method of edible custom patterns on the surfaces of the marshmallow.

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The model adopts CMYK four-color mode, which can support single-color / color printing mode. Whole machine is CQC, CE certified, to ensure the safety demand of food printing. The machine can adjust the printing speed according to your production line speed, up to 75 meters / min, equipped with electric eye recognition system. Edible printing will not affect the surface shape of the marshmallow food, the operation is simple and fast, and easy to achieve batch printing, suitable for the food pattern customization needs of various food factories and private customized manufacturers.

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The edible ink is FDA, ISO22000, Kosher and Halal certified, which is safe and healthy to be directly or indirectly printed on the food surface as decoration. The color is bright, and print smoothly. It easily solve the needs of many food customers food creative customized production and food safety needs!

Printing Applications:


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