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How has this Food Printer Helped the Food Industry Increase Sales?

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High-speed color food printer is designed by Wuhan Food Printing Technology Co., Ltd. For the food factories. After upgrading research and development, it creates an integrated model of production line and equipment, which can be flexibly mobile embedded in the production line, adapt to the production line speed, and efficiently conduct edible graphic printing. The machine is simple to operate and low noise, providing customized edible printing solutions for all kinds of food surface printing.

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  • It is suitable for edible graphic printing of biscuits, cakes, ice cream, candy and other surfaces of different shapes;

  • Speed is up to 75m / min, and it supports online switching of 50 pictures/text;

  • HD fast spray printing, the picture hierarchy sense is strong;

  • Equipment to move, receive, and connect to the production line is more convenient;

  • RFID ink recognition technology for better nozzle protection;

  • Through the conveyor belt speed control, automatically adjust the food distance, improve the efficiency of electric eye recognition, and prevent leakage;

  • Whole machine is CQC, CE certified, to ensure demand of food safety printing ;

  • Offline flash spray for enhanced nozzle durability;

  • Automatic ink supply, and automatic gas supply balance.

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High-speed color food printer uses edible inkjet ink that is bright colors, clear patterns, and delicate picture. The printed food products are safe and healthy to be directly eaten.

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