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Ice cream

The classic application case in the field of ice cream, the characteristics of the human cat's personality are gone, and it is true! What we often have asked by the customer is that what is the use of this food printer? Seeing the picture is the most effective, we can only get the case.

Zhong Xue Gao, Li Daquang is a rookie in the field of ice, because its innovation ability, the limelight has covered many old bicycine companies, we have to admire its development speed, of course, the reason for its success is the brand positioning The second is that it has strong new concepts, while other traditional old bicyclad companies, it is too difficult to promote a new brand and new products, or the difference is poor in it, the new concept is too bad. .

The case of this ice cream is very simple, just a cat, some copy, such as \"no more comfortable place to be more comfortable,\" \"\" Sun drying the sun, listen to the song \"... These cats words, And its composite IP's image, gives orange cat personality characteristics, of course, these words are listening to the daily quotes of cats, in fact, most people's live status and psychological feelings, intangible motion and consumption The distance is a successful marketing activity in the brand marketing. It is a successful marketing activity that meets its own brand properties.

Of course, the application of food printing technology is not only in this case, but also from its own brand attribute, sales needs, good ideas will happen as naturally.

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