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Is Natural Edible Ink really natural and reliable?

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natural edible ink

Edible inkjet ink is the secret weapon for cake shop, dessert shop, ice cream shop to process food.

I think you must have some questions about our natural ink. Is the edible ink that supports the operation of edible printer, the use of edible paper and the production of edible pen absolutely safe? Is it really natural?

In effect, our natural edible ink is made of food pigments such as water, food essence, glycerin, etc. It meets FDA and can be safely eaten. It is compatible with Canon, HP, Epson and other edible printers, as well as our edible printers, like A3/A4 desktop flatbed food printers, speed industrial food printer and other inkjet printing equipment. This edible ink can be printed on icing paper, frosting paper, wafer paper or directly on the surface of food. There are two sizes:100 ml and 500 ml.

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It comes in cyan, magenta, yellow, black and other colors. Of course, if you have any requests about color, you can contact us directly, and we will provide you with customized color services.


It can be printed on a variety of food surfaces, such as coffee, cakes, biscuits, ice cream and so on.

safe edible ink

For more information, please contact us directly: info@foodprinttech.com.

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