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Is the Ice Cream Industry Competitive? Food Printer Solutions for Your Reference

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1. Are your products characteristic by personalized, customized and lovely  appearance?

2. Is there serious product homogenization and the lack of core competitiveness?

3. If investment in advertising is not transformed, and marketing has no other ways in addition to price reduction?

Wuhan Food Printing Technology Co., Ltd. provides you with customized ice printing solutions for food innovation and brand recognition needs. The Foodart® High-speed Food Printer developed and produced by the Foodprinttech team has an incomparable technical position in China. It is designed for the food assembly line with maximum printing speed 75 m/min and can print 480,000 times a day to meet the needs of the factory with automation and mass production. Through digital printing, let your every product has a distinctive personality pattern. The traditional handmade food with different types are transformed into mechanical production to produce products with personalized, customizable and cute appearance characteristics. It' s a perfect combination of high-efficiency and personalisation, and bring huge profits to the factory owners.

Our products

High-speed Food Printer FP-642

Product characteristics:

  • Suitable for printing edible images on different shapes of cookies, cakes, ice cream, candy, etc.;

  • Support for 50 pictures/text online switching and printing;

  • RFID ink recognition technology to better protect the nozzle;

  • Whole machine is CQC and CE certified, to ensure the food printing safety demand;

  • Offline flash injection enhances nozzle durability;

  • Automatic ink supply and automatic gas supply balance.

High-speed Food Printer FP-511

Product features:

◆ Suitable for different shapes of cookies, cakes, ice cream and other surface graphic printing, the product adaptability is strong;

◆ Independently develops the foodart graphic output system to realize the text and text cycle switching and printing;

◆ 8mm height differential printing for high precision printing of plane, surface and concave surfaces;

◆ Designed according to 24 hours * 7 days of production and operation mode, with strong durability;

◆ whole machine adopts a modular design, with more convenient and fast maintenance;

◆ The nozzle moisturizing CAP is integrated with the nose to extend the service life of the nozzle.

Applicable to Ice cream printing:

Food printing safety:

Food surface printing using edible raw materials. We have 15 years of R & D and production experiences. Product qualifications are complete, We can provide food production license, FDA, ISO22000, MSDS, Kosher, Halal authoritative third-party testing reports and other certificates, to meet your quality management and food safety needs.

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