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Lay’s Creative Printed Potato Chips, Food Manufacturers Need Quickly Focus on the Food Printer!

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International brand Lay's potato chips (China) has launched new chips -- edible printed potato chips on the market! Let's dissect this fun potato chip together.

(1) Creative aspect:

What small details were you moved by? In terms of the printing content of potato chips alone, it is just a set of simple design of emojis, which are commonly used in social media, and can be easily done by an ordinary designer with two years of design experience. If some companies delay the idea of food printing products because they worry about design ability and lack of good ideas, you can rest. If you can't do that, please fire drop your design team.

(2) Innovative forms:

Usually, international companies need to mobilize the research and development department, Marketing Department, procurement Department, and arrange the production and promotion plans to complete the launch of new products. This time, the new Lay's potato chips, from product printing, packaging design, to publicity and marketing, perfectly reflect the integration ability of international brands and the determination to accept and adopt new concepts. According to the food industry report, major international brands pay attention to research and development capabilities, so they maintain a high brand degree and the ability to innovate new products, so the market share is increasing.

The failure of many big companies is not because of the lack of investment in innovation, NO, they do not lack money, drag down their complex decision-making procedures and research and development personnel, so they follow others to make products (If they don't do it, neither do we), which is a vicious circle of lack of innovation.

(3) Consumption perspective:

You still don't understand why they want to do something new like this yet? Send an emoticon to consumers, like talking to them, to express our friendly relationship, and remind them that they should constantly support Lay's. After all, printing on food is another form of promotion. Consumers are mostly young people who like social media expression. They are trapped in the boring real life and cannot escape, and a little concern can inspire them to feel that life is still beautiful. Therefore, Lay's Potato Chips did this. This method is advanced and subtle, integrating topicality, marketing, and new product promotion purposes. Isn't it enough to promote the establishment of food printing projects?

(4) Technical realization:

When the news of a big company came out, you, who should be the protagonist, instantly became a passer-by in the industry. There was a feeling of losing hundreds of millions, and then calmly said to the employees, I have long thought of this approach. ....? ! The issues that were important in blocking decision-making in the past now feel less important. It is a huge benefit to your business to be the first to market a new product.

Our food digital printing technology specializes in serving food industry enterprises, providing customers with a full range of printing solutions.

Without further, show you the food printing solutions:

(1) Baking Product Printing Solution: (Orion® Chocolate Pie)

Scheme advantages:

1. High-speed Food Printer FP-511 (single-color model) + natural edible ink, which is suitable for chocolate pie, macarons, pasta cakes, casual baking snacks and other food prints.

2. The price of the monochrome model is moderate, suitable for many production lines, but the overall budget is not excessive, which is the first choice of the international big brand customers.

3. Industrial food printer model: performance is stable, and operation is simple. Print 480,000 pcs/day, with a maximum line speed of 75 meters per minute.

4. Provide edible ink custom service with adjustable colors.

(2) Ice Cream Printing: (Hongbaolai® Crayfish Flavor Ice Cream )

Scheme advantages:

1. In 2021, the newly upgraded High-Speed Food Printer 542-B (full color) matched natural edible ink, which is suitable for printing sliced ice cream, ice cream cups, frozen food, etc.;

2. The whole machine has passed the CQC and CE certifications, and the ink system and print-heads are all food contact grade materials, with a higher safety level;

3. Adopt RFID ink identification technology;

4. Automatic cleaning of ink system and sprinkler protection are fully automatic for one-button operation. In addition, the new debubble function, offline printing, offline flash spray and other functions;

5. The maximum printing speed can reach 75 meters per minute, which supports the online cycle switching printing of text and text.

(3) Printing solution of filling color for Cotton candies / pies:

Scheme advantages:

1. Machine input is small, economical and durable, suitable for small and medium-sized food processing enterprises to produce creative baking products, marshmallows and other food.

2. Able to print heterogeneous products, supporting locate printing and directional color filling, and customized service of the mold and platform.

3. Able to print uneven food, accepting the height difference printing within 10 mm.

4. The 1.5*1 meter printing platform is efficient and high-yield, and there is no worry about shipping 50,000 pieces a day.

Food safety:

We are a food production enterprise, with more than 15 years of experience in industry production and research and development, familiar with food safety production laws and regulations. At the beginning of contacting customer, we will give appropriate edible ink plan according to customers' product standards, make formula adjustment, and even develop suitable ink from scratch. And food safety to see the qualification, we are the most complete certification, the most qualified, reliable food printing consumables supplier.

Food printing trend has blown the wind, behind will be waves surging, waves after waves, now enter the time is just right!

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