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Lotus biscuit

Love, family, career, how to draw, give you a surprise answer. As a Chinese, we are not superstitious, but we sometimes need a little expectation, small encouragement, expect a little lucky care, draw this game, you can ignite our small expectations.

This lottery biscuit can play with your family, friends, place a person with a person without the pattern, and then extract each person, it is different content (here, the biscuit is suitable for choosing a high-speed food printer, The device can circulate different pictures so that every food produced has different patterns or texts).

It can be printed with \"safe health \", \"promotional salary \" \"set a small goal, earn 1 billion \", etc. Interesting, blessing, ridiculous text or pattern, such a one can eat, You can use the food printer to produce production.

If your product is a box, the number of products is more, who can be undercover games, such as all biscuits are printed on \"裤 \", only one biscuits on the \"feweed \", so everyone random Add the biscuits, you can start a game, more food printing application creativity, waiting for you to achieve.



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