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Multi-row High-speed Scanning Food Printer

The machine can print different edible images on multiple food surfaces at once scanning, that is
suitable for tunnel or multi-row parallel food production environment. The printing area can be customized according to customer's wideth of food production line. It can meet the factories'requiremments of fastly printing personalised edible images on food surfaces in bulk.

1. Applicable to various types of food production lines such as wide-format,tunnel ovens, multi-row and other food production lines;
2. Match the production line speed to meet the 24-hour production;
3. The fast printing speed of a single scan is 1.25s, and the machine can print food with 27,000pcs/hour;
4. Leap installation, no need to change the original production environment;
5. It can be customized according to the width of the food production line, and the loading and unloading equipment can also be customized;
6. 8MM height difference printing, suitable for different types of food such as plane and curved surface;
7. Variable data printing, each product can print different patterns;
8. Widely used in ice cream, biscuits, frozen quick-frozen food, cakes, candies, etc.
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