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Notice:Foodart® Food Printers Will be Shown at the SIAL China 2021, See You in May 18th Shanghai!

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May 18-May 20,2021

Shanghai New International Expo Center

At Booth number: N2B031

Wuhan Food Printing Technology Co., Ltd. will appear in the exhibition.

Exhibits preview

I. High-Speed Food Printer (FP-642-B)

It’s designed for the food factory assembly line. After upgrading of research and development, The machine adopts an integrated design, and flexibly embedded into production line, can match the speed of the production line, and conduct edible and high-definition printing. The machine is simple to operate and has low noise, providing customized printing solutions for edible graphic printing on all kinds of food surfaces.

Product Superiorities:

● Suitable for printing different shapes of biscuits, cakes, ice cream, candy and other surfaces;

● Speed reaches 75m/min, and support up to 50 picture / text online switching to print;

● HD and fast spray printing, and strong picture hierarchy sense;

● Equipment is more convenient to move, receive and connect the production;

● RFID ink recognition technology for better nozzle protection;

● It can control the speed through the conveyor belt, automatically adjust the food spacing, improve the efficiency of electric eye identification, and prevent leakage;

● Whole machine is CQC, CE certified, to ensure requirements of food safety printing;

● Offline flash spray for enhanced nozzle durability;

● Automatic ink supply, and automatic gas supply balance.


2. A3 + Flatbed Food Printer

The newly upgraded Smart Control Panel is simple to operate. The machine has fashion design, electric adjustment, automatic height limit, and ultra-fast printing features, which is the best choice for creative food stores and other businesses to do customized food printing.

Product Superiorities:

● Adopts the EPSON seven-generation nozzle with ultra-high precision, and long service life

● 8-color printing, more than 2 times faster than the A4 flatbed food printer

● Standalone Acro90W printing software that graphics processing is more convenient

● Features focus on the control panel, which is smarter to operate

● Electric adjustment, and automatically identify the printed food material height

● Suitable for food printing like cookies, cakes, bread, candy, edible paper, cakes, etc.


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