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Shrimp ice cream

If your ice cream tastes special, how to make consumers feel the uniqueness of the product?

This shrimp ice cream is a creative new product derived from the old brand of Ice, first of all, it is innovative in the taste, and the crayfish spicy ice cream. If you listen, you can imagine the ice and spicy stimulation, not only Can stimulate the hunting psychology of consumption, or a new product launched a creative new product of brand reputation, a time sales surged.

And combined with food printing technology, it has brought a soul for this shrimp ice cream. Fresh, smuggling, cute, cute crayfish, jumped on ice cream, which is mouth-watering, can't help but want to bite. In this way, the image of the shrimp image, the image of the small red shrimp on the surface of the ice, greatly promotes the success of the new product.

The application characteristics of food printing in this case is to achieve the taste identification role of the product. Of course, it can also be applied in more fields, such as tangerines, tattoo, mango taste, and other mango, peach flavor You can go to peach, etc., there is more applications in the market, which has become a common phenomenon in the innovation in the food industry. The principle requires only one food printer and supporting edible ink, and try it.

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