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Tiger Year Pastry

2022 new year, new weather, new product idea where, look at this Tiger's theme paste, do you feel your appetite. Why can the food printing industry continue to develop, because the Chinese culture is really too rich, to play the picture, the story to be hit has reached the point where it is not exhausted.

Chinese culture + food printer = sustainable innovation, innovation, difficult research and development, the market is not good, the market is not good, the investment invested, the income of fewer enterprises, the use of this addition formula can perfectly solve your trouble. During the New Year's period, the printed creativity of the 12th of the year is an endless layer. There are new patterns in different years. There is a rat year in the Year of the Tiger, the tiger cake, with the tiger gift box, your product is instantly a few grades, the price is also You can have a slight increase, and sales will rise, you can have a good year. In the coming year, I will play the Lantern Festival, do the Dragon Boats theme, etc.

Pastry print If you are the production environment of the pipeline production or automatic packaging machine, you can choose high-speed food printers, automated mass production, with a daily output of 480,000, and a large number of shipments are not pressure. If it is only a food generation company, the FP-B0 + vertical food printer is also a good choice, 1 to 1 restore picture effect, photo level quality print, easy to operate, can do small batch processing production, supplier super and exports are not problematic Welcome to send the product to our department, but also welcome to our site to visit the equipment to learn more about the knowledge of food printers.





Tiger Year Pastry (2)

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