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Valentine's Day horse

In recent years, Marcaron's production enterprises have doubled, Macaron is from the original French aristocratic dessert, and the daily afternoon tea must be derived from the increase in production enterprises in the market, and this invisible increases competitive pressure between each other. How to break?

At present, Makaron has become a hundred products, ice cream, cake decoration, and high-end restaurant, which have been visible everywhere, greatly extended Makarone's sales channels and application fields, but the competition situation is still not optimistic, because Ma Kelong itself has no innovation, the light and sweet Makaron has used the ultimate, innovative bottlenecks can't break through, plagued a large number of Makaron production enterprises, if the product itself does not compete, only low price or non-stop Advertising sales channels can only be tired.

Using food printing technology, the food printer is used to print a variety of creative patterns in Makaron surface. First, it can distinguish it on the product. Second, the product pattern is doing, and there is a story performance to drive sales, followed by This technical support can achieve service customization, such as MACON, Valentine's theme, Macaron, as long as the customer has a demand, only need our food printer, common A3 + food The printer, high-speed food printer, etc., can be configured according to your production needs, printing with edible ink, does not affect product taste, can be eaten, safe and healthy, is a good helper for your business.





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