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Yoga biscuit

How does this product play? Please follow the yoga posture of the biscuits for 10 minutes ..., have you seen such a strong product propaganda? A biscuit producer, using a high-speed full color food printer, producing a yoga theme biscuit, first investing in the market, attracting the eyeball in the yoga.

The outer packaging of the yoga wind, there is a letter to the customer, \"eat this biscuit, you must exercise 10 minutes according to the yoga posture above the biscuits,\" But there are some interactions and cute among overbearing.

Remind the movement, also reminded the exercise after supplementing energy, this is the success of this yoga biscuit. This product can be purchased by yoga or sports enthusiasts, or can be used as a yoga museum to match snacks or promotional gifts, matching the temperament of the yoga, more beneficial to promote. There are more gameplay, details can be invited, you have ideas, I will help you make ideas.



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