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You Need this Digital Cake Printer to Help You Boost Biscuit / Pastry Sales!

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Food Industry Development Keywords

  • Personalization: The difference between our product and competitors is directly reflected in the appearance, and our product is impressive at a glance.

  • Customization: The Foodart® High-speed Food Printer helps large food factories  to produce customized products largely by itself. Each product produced from the assembly line will have a separate themes.

  • Copyright: Brand, animation copyright, and marketing activities can be presented directly in the product itself. Painting on the product can be more touching.

Our Product

High-speed Food Printer Series:

Designed for the food factory assembly line, and the maximum printing speed is up to 75m / minute...

Flatbed Food Printer Series:

Designed for baking chain, and food production/processing enterprises. It' s small and easy to operate.

Edible Food Raw Materials:

Using natural raw materials, safer. The qualifications of edible ink are complete (food production license, third-party test report, ISO22000, FDA, Kosher, Halal...). It uses bright colors, safe and healthy. It can be provided for color customization, targeted research and development services.


Baking and printing solution:

Macarons, chocolate pies, pastries, and other foods.

Frozen product printing solution:

Tubbed Ice cream, sliced ice cream, creamy ice cream, etc.

Cookie printing solution:

Cookies, crisp cookies, toughness cookies, coarse grain cookies, frosting cookies, etc.

Candy printing solution:

Maltose, cotton candy, nougat candy, pressure tablet candy, milk tablet candy and other candy.

Who We Are:

Wuhan Food Printing Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development, production and sales of three products: Food printing equipment, edible ink and edible film, to provide overall food printing solutions for customers in the food field.

Food digital edible printing has been applied to food innovation, food research and development, marketing activities and other fields, which is not a required subject for enterprises, is a required subject for the times. The outbreak of personalized product is coming. Early understanding, early benefits.

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