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Do You Know These Things About Edible Marker?

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To meet the demands of market on food decoration and kids' graffiti, edible markers emerge with it. It can not only meet people's pursuit of food, but also show colorful artistic effects. Although it is not novelty products, and many begginers still know little of edible ink marker. Then these things of edible markers will be introduced in this article.

What Is An Edible Marker?

Edible marker is known as food-grade marker, is a specially-designed pen whose ink composition is safe to eat. This marker is usually used to write or draw patterns on food, such as cookies, cakes, cupcakes and other food decoration. The ink used in edible markers is made from food-grade ingredients, which means there is no risk to health if accidentally swallowed. Edible markers are available in a variety of colors and can be used to create complex patterns, write messages, or add brightly colored decorations to food. They are popular tools for pastry chefs, cake decorators and food lovers who like to provide personalized creative displays for their food.


What Are Edible Markers Made Of? Are Edible Markers Safe to Eat?

Edible markers are usually made of food-grade materials, which have high hygiene standards in themselves, and will not cause harm to human health even if the mouth and nose are accidentally touched during the painting process.

For children, they may unconsciously put the marker into the mouth during the painting process, which requires that the marker's material must be non-toxic and edible to prevent safety risks caused by children's ingestion. So it is safe to eat.

Advantages of Edible Food Marker

Environmental Awareness: Edible ink markers use materials that can be degraded or recycled, and have less impact on the environment after use, in line with the requirements of modern society for environmental protection.

Innovative Spirit: The design of edible marker and the innovation in the use of materials have brought new ideas and development directions to the field of artistic creation tools.

Educational Significance: Through the use of edible pen, children can be taught to pay attention to personal safety when painting, to avoid putting objects such as brushes into the mouth, and to cultivate good living habits.

Market Demand: With the increasing demand of consumers for product safety,

What Can You Write on With Edible Markers?

You can use the edible markers on various food surfaces, such as buttercream frosting, fondant, sugar sheets and wafer sheets (any edible papers), cookies (both Iced cookies or without icing), cakes, marshmallows, donuts and so on.


Markcare® Edible Marker is for food decoration or kids' graffiti. It is easy to use, not fading, smooth & fast-drying in writing, and is with great ink adhesion & color uniformity. It has multiple colors for option and is available for any occasion. You just need to easily move the marker in your hand, and your creative ideas in your mind can be smoothly & freely presented in a good effect. Additionally, its ink is food-grade & edible, meets FDA, ISO22000 standards, and tested by Intertek third-party testing center so that it is safe and environmentally-friendly, which is very suitable for kids' graffiti. Furthermore, if you have a special demands on the ink or pen nib, they can be customized based on your requirements.


Above all is about the introduction to edible ink marker. It meets people's needs for food and art, and is the product of scientific and technological progress and food culture development. With the continuous progress of food science and technology, the application field of edible brushes will be more extensive in the future, adding more beautiful colors to our lives.

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