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Things You Should Know about Edible Printer

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If you know little of edible printers and even do not know what an edible ink printer is, but want to pick one to your food decorating business. Then here are things you should know about food printers in this article before you buying one.

What Is An Edible Printer?

An food edible printer is an ordinary printer which applies food coloring as the ink to print digital images, such as photos, onto icing sheets or wafer paper. These can then be used to decorate confectionery items such as cakes, cookies, and chocolates. Regular inks and food inks cannot be interchanged in the same printer, as regular inks are not safe for food making.

What Can An Edible Printer Do?

Food printers can directly print various images on the surfaces of milk candy, MM beans, marshmallows, various candies, macarons, soda cakes, French pancakes, various cookies, bread food and so on. Edible printer use natural food colorants as processing inks, which are safe and edible and taste fresh without affecting the taste of food.

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How Does A Edible Printer Work?

The printing method of edible printer is based on food inkjet printing technology. Food inkjet printing technology refers to a dedicated online food printer that uses natural edible color inks to print creative patterns on food surfaces to make products unique. The most critical thing for food printing is the compliance of natural inks, especially in the field of cookie production, where cookie manufacturers are not allowed to add any synthetic colors.

What Types of Edible Food Printers Are Available?

There mainly exists 2 kinds of food printing system in the market, respectively DIY food printing system and digital cake printing system.

DIY food printing system, not only include online inkjet printing like streamline of factories in the field of cookies, pastries, candy, ice cream, such as  Industrial food online printer and desktop flatbed printer, but also includes pad printing system such as capsule printing, apple printing, candy printing and other pad printing system. The used printing methods include inkjet printing, pad printing, transfer printing, flexo printing, screen printing, etc.

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Digital cake printing system will print your favorite pictures directly on the surface of the cake through food printers and edible coloring ink; Or print the picture on edible paper (icing paper, wafer paper, edible film, chocolate transfer film), cut it and decorate it on the cake.

Tips for Choosing the Right Edible Printer and Supplies

An edible print printer allows you to transfer vibrant images on various food surfaces. However, before investing in an edible printing system, choosing a right printer and supplies is crucial to ensure optimal results. Then here are some important tips that you should keep in mind before you get started:

1. Choose a dedicated edible printer & ink;

2. Consider printer compatibility;

3. Give preference to quality and resolution;

4. Prioritize ease of use and maintenance;

5. Analyze printer size and compatibility with edible sheets;

6. Look out for brand reputation and customer support.


Above all is what you should know about food printer machine. Then if you do not know the best edible printer and edible printer supplies, maybe you can have a look at Foodprinttech, the pioneer of food printing industry.

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