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Why Do You Need A Food Printer?

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In the holidays such as Christmas, your bakery store is busy, are you still drawing frosting cookies manually? If you want to make Santa Claus, snowmen, Christmas socks and other special holiday foods, actually, with a edible food printer for digital printing is enough. Then in this article, we will tell you why you need a food printer and the advantages of food printer will be introduced for you.


What Is Food Printer Machine?

Food grade printer is a food printing machine, its ink is made of edible raw materials so that the ink printed on the surface of food can be eaten together with food. Generally speaking, it is safe and healthy. Surely, the advantages of digital food printer are far more than those.

Why Do You Need A Food Printer? 

With the development of science and technology, there have been machines dedicated to food surface printing. Replacing manual work by machines can not only save time, but also realize more complex pattern printing, such as photos of people, holiday wishes and so on. After that, the efficiency is greatly improved and the cost is also saved.

What Are Advantages of Edible Food Printer?

1. Mechanized Production of Edible Ink Food Printer for Higher Yield

In a hand-painted way, you need to have a certain art skills, if the painting is crooked, the painting is slanting so that you have to rework and start from scratch and the ingredients are wasted, which greatly increases the cost. Additionally, hand-painted way extremely consumes time, there are many orders during the festival, and the risk of not being able to deliver on time is high. However, edible food printer with food printing technology is with mechanized production, simple operation, fast production, to help you quickly ship. At the same time, the alignment is accurate, and the good printing effect like a work of art, a printing molding, a higher yield, to help you save costs.

2. Without the need of Platemaking, Freely Switched Pics

Digital printing is without the need of platemaking, the picture through the computer editing can be one-click printing. If you are a food brand enterprise with its own logo, IP or want to create Christmas and other holiday themed foods, you can print pictures on the food through the digital food printer for product innovation. Such a marketing method is conducive to enhance their brand image. If you're a bakery owner and a customer wants to print their photo on the surface of the food, a food printer can do it quickly.

3. Inkjet Food Printer with Good Printing Effect for High-Resolution Pics

There is no difference between printing and hand drawing. Hand drawing can only outline lines, and edible food printers can print photos. The food printer produced by food printing technology can restore the photos with clear pixels. Complex background and changing colors one by one on the food surface, and the photos of people, landscapes and life can be printed with clear patterns and bright colors.

Above all is about introduction to advantages of food printer. Every festival is a promotional opportunity. A digital edible ink printer can make you enjoy the convenience and efficiency brought by high technology. If you don’t know which supplier is good, maybe you can have a look at Foodprinttech.

About Foodprinttech

Wuhan Food Printing Technology Co., Ltd. (Foodprinttech), the branch of Hubei Kanghua Biological Group Co., LTD., is located in Wuhan East Lake High -Tech Development Zone. Foodprinttech develops edible consumables in line with food regulations, and related equipment supporting color printing on food surfaces, to facilitate the innovation on products of food enterprises. Additionally, we also provide a full set of solutions about top-selling products' color, are an absolute leading enterprise in the field. Foodprinttech products are distributed globally, serving many top food enterprises, and is determined to become the best service provider for the world's leading food enterprise.

Foodprinttech has three R & D centers in Beijing, Hong Kong and Wuhan, and has built its own intelligent industrial campus with international high standards. With more than 50 researchers and senior engineers, the research achievements on the science and technology are honored as major scientific and technological achievements in Hubei Province. Foodprinttech also has won a number of invention patents, 10+ safety certification, actively carries out school-enterprise cooperation, and constantly input leading technology and innovative solutions for the food field, which has been widely concerned and recognized by well-known food enterprises at home and abroad. Adhering to the brand mission of Science and Technology for Creative Life, we began to establish branches and offices at home and abroad to fully deploy the global market.

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