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Wuhan Food Printing Technology invites you to the 2023 Canton Fair

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The annual Canton Fair is in full swing in Guangzhou. The exhibition will last five days from May 1 to May 5.Today we are in the Canton Fair.


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The exhibition of food printing technology has brought a new upgraded A4 desktop food printer, the equipment is completely in accordance with food industrial standards design, the use of edible ink-jet ink printing, high color restoration, fine picture, clear pattern printed out of the product safety and health, can be directly eaten. A4 desktop food printer is widely used in biscuit printing, chocolate printing, candy printing, macaron printing and other food printing categories.

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       The customer acceptance during the exhibition exceeded our expectation, mainly because the baking industry precipitated decades of aesthetic innovation, need a new breakthrough, every enterprise is looking for a new breakthrough. They were amazed and stopped when they saw that our device could realize product ideas in a second.

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       Food printing technology invites you to the department for a field trip, directly hit the bakery industry's most cutting-edge new technology and new products, and industry leaders seek collusion with the world topic.

       More information: www.foodprinttech.com

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