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20 second! How to make a cup of exclusive coffee?

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The images on coffee can not only be such as love, flowers and other basic patterns, it can also achieve exclusive customization, which has gradually formed a consensus in coffee shops. WIFI Coffee Printer HY3522 provides consumers with the best personalized experience, making people transmit the patterns they want to customize to the printer simply through scanning the QR code or inputting URL, via WiFi. Then it just takes only 20 seconds to get a desired personalized cup of coffee.

Comparative advantage:

On the one hand, compared with manual work, this coffee printer can largely reduce the working time. On the other hand, it can print complex and delicate patterns, such as portraits, which is difficult to be achieved by common crafts.



  • Printer instead of manual, saving cost;

  • Fast speed, reaching 10-30 seconds;

  • Easy operation——one click upload, one click printing

  • Edible ink can be directly printed onto food surfaces and eaten;

  • Monochrome printing mode;

  • High-security (certification, verification).


Applications: coffees, cakes, pastries, cookies, beer, milkshake, bread, milk tea, macaroons, etc.

The edible ink adopts food-grade raw materials and meets FDA, ISO22000, Kosher and Halal standards, which is safe to human body.

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