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A2 Flatbed Food Printer -- A Small Food Printer can Do 24-hours Working

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Wuhan Food Print Technology Co., Ltd. are a manufacturer specializing in the production of food printing equipment, from equipment to the matching edible ink, decorative consumables and other products are independently researched and developed, dedicated to providing overall solutions for food production enterprises. Our product line includes high-speed food printers, desktop food printers, vertical food printers, coffee latte art machines and other models. The products are various, and any food company can choose a suitable model from us.

What if the customer wants mass production, but there is no production line and no high-speed machine? The customer is a bakery-type enterprise with tray-type production. The printing area of the existing desktop food printer is too small, and it cannot be mass-produced and cannot meet the production requirements. What should I do? Now there is a small and medium-sized food printer with low cost and 24-hour batch production, which can print various types of food. It is the A2 desktop food printer.

Product advantages:

  • Compared with assembly line high-speed equipment, the price is lower, and it is more suitable for food processing factories, bakery stores, chain stores, etc.;

  • Compared with other small and medium-sized food printers, it can be produced in 24 hours to meet the needs of batch printing;

  • Small footprint, fast printing speed, trays can be customized to match your production environment;

  • Independent printing software, operation;

  • Simple operation and convenient maintenance;

  • Supporting research and development of edible ink, the printed food is safe and healthy and can be eaten directly;

Applicable products: macarons, pastries, desserts, cakes, biscuits, marshmallows, tablet candies, toast, frosted biscuits, etc.


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