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Dragon Boat Festival | "reed" enjoy warmth, food printing technology holiday gifts warm and go heart

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"There with gaoxing sun, Dragon Boat Festival approaching, in order to inherit traditional Chinese culture, highlight the charm of corporate culture, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees, food printing technology to each employee sent a unique holiday gift.


Different from the traditional Dragon Boat Festival dumplings and salted duck eggs, this time we have a unique gift box for all staff.

We have specially selected a range of fresh and varied fruit varieties to suit different tastes. These fruits not only taste delicious, but also contain a variety of vitamins, fiber and antioxidants to provide employees with a full range of nutrition.


In the hot summer season, it can also bring a little cool. We hope that through this fruit gift, we can convey the concern for health to every employee, so that you can pay attention to your health in the busy work.

      We hope that you can enjoy this little surprise and feel the company's love and care for "family". Let's spend a happy and warm Dragon Boat Festival together. More importantly, we hope to pass on this health and warmth, share it with family and friends, and pass on this emotion.

This special gift is not only to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, but also to strengthen the connection and unity among the employees of the company. We experience the challenges and joys of work together, and support, care and encourage each other. The warmth and emotion conveyed by these fruits bring us closer together to create a better tomorrow.

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