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Foodprinttech | Food Printers and Edible Ink have Passed 10+ Security Certifications!

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Should you take the risk of using a food printing device that does not have proper safety certifications? The safe distribution of food relies on its certification.

Foodprinttech has been producing and developing food printing equipment and consumables for more than 15 years. It holds multiple safety certifications, such as CQC, CE, and an Appearance Patent Certification. We are constantly advancing our digital printing solutions within China.

The edible ink used has all the necessary safety production license, IS022000, FDA, Kosher, HALAL, MSDS, SGS, and third-party testing reports that guarantee its safety for brands and personalized food decoration customers.


What makes customers choose us? In three words: Professionality, Completeness, and Initiative.

We are the professionals; no other manufacturer in China has successfully achieved what we have done in the domain of food printing technology. The imitation industry can only copy the shape; the cutting-edge technology still remains with us.

We have been working since 2003 without any breakthroughs in domestic production to make sure that our research and development as well as sales power remain unparalleled.

Moreover, while other companies focus on selling a single product and making one profit, disrupting prices by offering poor products, we take it a step ahead. Not just providing customers with machines and software but also guiding them, giving ideas and combinations regarding the use of food printing technology. Becoming an industry leader, we offer everyone a better environment to grow and learn from instead of running away.

We are actively engaged in and implement the certification system, which protects our intellectual property rights while meeting customer demands. When customers need it, we provide them with evidence-based materials to ensure the production process is safe and reliable in product circulation and consumer food safety. We use our strength to make sure you have a dependable supplier.

Going with uncertified suppliers will always be a risk; choose us, and you get double the assurance of professionalism and security.

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If you have questions or need further details, please contact us by email info@foodprinttech.com or chat online.

About Foodprinttech

Commonly referred to as Foodprinttech, Wuhan Food Printing Technology Co., Ltd. is a renowned manufacturer specialized in producing cutting-edge food printing machinery. Belonging to the same group which includes Sino Joinsun, Hescare and Kyhink, it's dedicated to R&D, production and sales of High-speed Food Printers, Flatbed Food Printers and consumables like accompanying edible ink.

With hundreds of R&D personnel, senior equipment engineers, and base production personnel in the two R&D centers in Beijing and Wuhan. Foodprinttech has always been one step ahead in the digital food printing field.

With the cultivation of core competitiveness in mind, Foodprinttech carries out school-enterprise cooperation actively, and builds a research and development platform jointly (in cooperation with famous domestic universities ), with a licensing unit for academician workstation and doctoral workstation in Hubei Province.

Consumers' health always comes first. Our circulation of food adheres to strict national and international certifications, and it also undergoes rigorous testing by Third-party SGS and ISO22000. Our equipment holds CE and CQC certifications, along with a design patent. Additionally, the printer's edible ink is certified by FDA, Kosher, and Halal, providing complete assurance of safety.

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