Frequently Asked Questions of High-speed Industrial Food Printers

High-speed Industrial food printers:

(1) Q: What should I do if ink drops occur during production?

A: Find the page for adjusting negative pressure according to the manual. Solve the problem by adjusting the negative pressure. If the adjustment reaches the upper limit, you need to contact maintenance personnel to check whether the air circuit is depressurized.

(2) Q: How to avoid false prints during the production process?

A: In different environments, the temperature and humidity are very different, the paper will evaporate the water quickly, and the parameters will change. We must reasonably adjust the temperature and humidity according to the season.

(3) Q: The color depth of the printed picture does not meet the requirements?

A: According to the instructions, find the software to set the ink volume link, increase the ink volume value, and experiment for several times until the desired effect is obtained.

(4) Q: What to do if the accuracy of the printed pictures is not high?

A: Different products require different printing heights, so you need to adjust the height reasonably according to the suggested value in the manual.

(5) Q: What should I do if the machine alarms?

A: You need to observe the color of the warning light. According to the instructions, the problem corresponding to the color of the mark is whether you need to add ink or need to replace the waste water bucket.

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