Suggestions for Using A4 Flatbed Food Printer

Situation 1: Normal use

Under normal circumstances, the machine can print once a month without any problems, but it should be noted that the machine must be shut down normally, and the power supply must not be cut off suddenly. Because of the normal shutdown, the print head will return to the ink tank. The ink tank has a sealing ring and a sealing ring. It can protect the ink in the print head from drying for a certain period of time (how long it will dry depends on the material of the ink)

Situation 2: The printer has not been used for a long time

If the printer will not be used for a long time, completely empty the ink sac and ink tube.

There are two ways to empty:

1. Move the Ink Sac to the middle of the printer, disassemble the Ink Sac and the ink tube, and directly insert the syringe into the ink inlet of the Ink Sac to inject the cleaning fluid (put a container and catch the cleaning fluid under the printer head), Then insert the same syringe into the ink tube and inject the cleaning solution into it, repeat it several times until the discharge is all clean water;

2. Pour out all the original ink in the ink bottle directly, fill it with cleaning fluid after cleaning, and perform print head cleaning repeatedly (method ② is recommended, because there may be cleaning fluid leaking into the printer head in method ① to burn the circuit board in the machine head).

Suggestions for using A4 flatbed food printer:

1. If the printer is not going to be used for a long time, all the ink in the ink bottle must be drained, because edible ink is prone to mold. If the nozzle is clogged due to mold growth, the damage to the nozzle is generally very serious and cannot be repaired. , The nozzle needs to be replaced with a new one;

2. In principle, it is recommended that customers print at least once every 15 days, and each shutdown is a normal shutdown.

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