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Why You Need to Print Edible Decorations to Food?

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Personalizing cakes and pastries with a bakery edible printer is becoming increasingly trendy. Many cake lovers prefer the ready-made decorations to quickly decorate their birthday cake. Cake toppings are truly awesome. But why use the food edible printer to create edible images from the viewpoint of the food manufacturers?

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From consumers' point of view, we eat with our eyes first! Besides tasting great, our favorite baked creations need to look delicious too. That's why many bakeries have started using edible printers for cake decorating and on the baked creations. There's nothing more attractive than a freshly laid cartoon topping on a cupcake or birthday cake. It really completes your treats and adds an indulgent twist.

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For the food businesses, it's even more important. The professional baker knows that the customers not only want their desserts to taste great, but also to look visually appealing. For those who have always been passionate about baking, baking is not just about the aroma or taste of freshly baked goods and the satisfaction of indulging in a sweet treat, and presentation matters just as much.

In some circumstances, the design of the bakeries wins the word of mouth for the business owner. For a businessman who want to throw a lavish party and need a dessert that would blow the guests away, he may demand a three-tiered cake with an edible image of his company's logo on the top tier. In the past, the baker needs to work tirelessly for days on the cake, meticulously painting the logo onto the fondant icing. As the guests took their first bites, they are blown away by the delicious taste and beautiful presentation of the cake. The host will be ecstatic with the outcome of the dessert and appreciate the baker's hard work and attention to detail. It's foreseeable that the baker is commissioned for all of his future events.

Nowadays, it saves all the trouble with an edible printer system. In addition, the more efficient printing process facilitates the progress of the business. The edible printing technology was a revolutionary way to create beautiful edible decorations with safety and efficiency. It was a perfect combination of food safety and art, and it was quickly becoming the go-to tool for anyone looking to decorate a cake or create a special occasion treat.

The edible printer system is not complicated to operate. You selected a design – such as a name or a picture – and sent the files to the food edible printer, it would draw the design onto the bakeries. The ingredients used were all safe to eat and, if desired, could be adjusted for different colors.

The edible printing technology produced a perfect finish every time. The intricate details and bright colors created stunning artwork that made even the most ordinary cakes look spectacular — and in no time at all.


You may be worried that a non-edible cake decoration could cause some health concerns, however, our bakery edible printer and edible ink are both safe to use. The colors used in the ink are taken from plants and do not include any harmful chemicals or additives. They're organic and natural so even children can enjoy the delicious flavors and colors of your cake! Furthermore, all of the printheads for the edible printer system are also food-grade and don't contain anything hazardous.

Today, the edible printing technology is well accepted, and it's clear that edible printing technology would continue to revolutionize the ways we decorate and enjoy treats. With its combination of safety, efficiency, and artistry, it's easy to see why everyone was so excited. For the food businesses, as long as the stunning and delicious baked goods are continued to be created with the word of mouth spreading about them, the business would continue to thrive.

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