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Cute pets are coming,Foodprinttech uses animal macarons to rejuvenate the spring

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When you think of the colors of spring, you naturally think of colorful. On the occasion of spring, Foodprinttech brings you animal macarons, which paint colorful colors for the hazy days of spring rain, making your mood throbbing again.

French dessert macaron, nicknamed "the girl's breast". We inject a series of animal macarons based on animal heads for its re-creation. The appearance alone is enough to make people mouthwatering: panda, fox, pony, pig, tiger, rabbit and other light-touch cartoon animal patterns bring strange surprises to animal macarons. The French romantic feelings of macarons and innocent and lovely animals together form the sweetest honey language of spring.

How does a macaron come into being with such good looks? It is printed by A2 flatbed food printer independently developed by Foodprinttech. This small and medium-sized flatbed printer can print continuously for 24 hours. Not only macarons, but also pastry, cookies, candy, chocolate, cake, marshmallow, toast and other foods; Not only on the plane, but also on the surface and 3D surface; In terms of raw materials, we deeply implement the concept of sustainable development. We use natural edible inks to print different patterns. The raw materials of the inks are extracted from different natural herbs. Foodprinttech, which produces this equipment, is a professional manufacturer of food printing equipment. In addition to cute animal macarons, there are also many cases of printed dumplings, Valentine's Day printed cookies, etc., which have presented many creative products for the majority of bakery stores, food processing plants and food brand enterprises. Being able to provide customised service to customers has become a big advantage for the food industry in gaining orders. If you want to produce in bulk, but don't want to invest too much money, this A2 flatbed food printer is for you.

Just imagine releasing your nature in a fairy tale world full of animal macarons, screaming and laughing like a child, playing with animals, and finding an excuse for yourself not to grow up. The childlike and not fancy animal macarons are enough to bring a sweet warmth to the warm and cold days!

Animal macarons are the king of photo shoots, and they're both delicious. Let the lovely animal macaron fill the whole end of the moon with small luck!

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